Wiz - Let’s Rock!

Wiz is all about getting the job done, fast.
My name is Hillel Stoler and my business is making your business better.
I’m a Mechanical Engineer and a Business Technology Consultant.

How can I help you?
I am the founder and manager of Wiz, a business technology consulting company (BTC). Wiz provides outsourcing services in the fields of Software, Internet, Technology, Logistics and Project Management. Among our clients are individuals, internet companies and start-ups.

We solve problems for a living, and we’re very good at that.

Wiz will do your homework
Wiz is about sharing knowledge and expertise, but we also like to get our hands dirty and provide some tangible deliverables. We believe that consultation can be much more effective when it is combined with actual work examples and guidelines. That is to say, we’ll not only tell you what to do, we’ll actually go ahead and do it for you!

Our tactics
In three words: Some Common Sense.

In thirty-three words: Finding the right tool for the job, and planning a simple and cost-effective solution are the fundamental basics of the Wiz work process. This is why we succeed where others have failed.

About Wiz
Wiz is located in Tel-Aviv, Israel. It was founded in December 2007 and employs a variable number of handpicked and extremely talented contractors on a per-project basis.

We’ve got the skill, the knowledge, the experience and most of all: the patience required to tackle even the most Sisyphean projects. Our tools are engineering methodology, software expertise and common sense. We’re fast, adaptive and uncompromisingly meticulous.

Oh, and we actually listen, that’s important :)

No project is too big or too small, just give us a call!

Wiz - Let’s Rock!
הלל סטולר

Taken with FLIR Systems InfraCAM SD

Chillin' @ Heat Transfer Lab
(May 2007)


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Hillel Stoler - הלל סטולר
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