Hillel @ BarcelonaHillel Stoler הלל סטולר
Mechanical Engineer, Business Technology Consultant.

Date of Birth: May 1980
Current Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel


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Hi there! My name is Hillel and I’m a Mechanical Engineer (BSc). I am also the founder and manager of Wiz – a small Business Technology Consulting firm for solving your IT related trouble :)

Currently, I’m employed as Lead Developer at – a (very) creative content factory located in Tel-Aviv. I also teach Robotics & Computer Integrated Manufacturing at Afeka Academic College of Engineering.

I have a very rich background in computers and I develop free software that is used worldwide (I’ve made GetSocial and GetSocial Live). nowadays it’s mostly web development, but I’ve used to create Windows Applications and even DOS software.

That’s right! I’ve been around since the days of dial-up modems, MS-DOS, Hex Editors, BBSes and mode 13h graphics. I taught myself how to code (with Turbo-Pascal initially) when I was 15, and created custom cheats and hacks for every computer game I had. I know what’s what.

I’m always looking for interesting projects, contract work and business opertunities, so if you’ve got an interesting project, big or small, do tell me all about it.


AFEKA ACE: Mechanical and Systems Engineering (BSc).
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IRONI ALEF: Arts high school graduate, double major in Film and Computer Science.

Scored over 700 on my psychometric exam.
Languages: Hebrew, English.

Software Development

Advanced Control Language (Robot ACL), C Language, G-Code (for CNC Tools), GW-Basic, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, LSL (Linden Scripting Language for Second Life), Matlab, National Instruments LabWindows/CVI, Pascal, PHP, Relay Ladder Logic (PLC), Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Creator of GetSocial, GetSocial Live and Doctor Tray.
I’ve been around, I know stuff.

Conference Appearances

Israeli Internet Association Conference: Kfar Hamacabia – Ramat-Gan, Israel (February 2008)

IEEE International Conference on Software – Science, Technology and Engineering: Daniel Hotel – Herzliya, Israel (October 2007)


Member of AEAI – Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates of Technological Sciences in Israel

Member of ISPA – Israeli Psychometric Association

Member of the Google Ambassadors Program


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Taken with FLIR Systems InfraCAM SD

Chillin' @ Heat Transfer Lab
(May 2007)


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Hillel Stoler - הלל סטולר
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I'm currently looking for interesting freelance projects.

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