SearchBack Blogging: Reactive & Adaptive

Haven’t found what you were searching for? Check this out!

From now on, I will periodically post answers to some of the questions raised on search engine terms that led people to this blog. The idea is that if you got to via a search engine and didn’t find what you were looking for, chances are that until your next visit the blog will adapt itself and the desired information will be waiting for you.

Reactive and Adaptive Blogging
A large part of my traffic comes from search engines. Every once in a while, I scroll through the terms that made it here, and find some worthwhile queries that, alas, remain unanswered (because I don’t even know who’s asking!). Let’s stop and think about this for a second: First someone actually took the time and searched for a specific piece of information. Then, a search engine thought about the query and decided that my blog would be a good place to look for the corresponding answer. On my blog, the person who typed in the search term did not find whatever it is he or she was looking for and probably just clicked away to some other place.

The meaning of this, is that in this case, my blog didn’t provide – not for the person and not for the search engine. Moreover, future searches for the same information will (at best) lead to the same results – until the search engine decides that there are better places to look at.

Why SearchBack Blogging
SearchBack Blogging is a simple method I’ve devised to make my blog more reactive to the needs of the readers and more adaptive to those of search engines. The idea is to reply to interesting search engine queries right here on my blog. This way I’ll have the info ready for the next person that decides to search for it. Behind SearchBack Blogging is the notion that search engines already consider my blog to be a good place to find certain types of information – I’m just giving them what they want! This will also create content that is guaranteed to be desired, because someone already searched for it – at some past point in time :)

So, check out the SearchBack Blogging Answers Page.


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