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Hebrew UI for Second Life

I’ve prepared an interesting case study about the localization of applications, and translated the Second Life UI to Hebrew in the process.

I’ve translated much of the XML based UI from English to Hebrew, and explored the possibility of a complete UI rearrangement (Hebrew is a Right-to-Left language). I’ve also researched modern tools to unpack and modify hard coded information inside executables (Resource Hacker by Angus Johnson is a nice, old and free example for that).

In my presentation (in front of a general audience crowd) I’ve explained the history of string storage in software, and used Second Life as an example for modern localization. To illustrate my point I’ve used some images from my own private stash, including a screenshot of the Cheat Machine (by a Forest Software) superb executable header [Slide 04], the Light Speed Cheat Editor [Slide 02], a PKLITE Header viewed in Norton Commander [Slide 03] and other 90’s/DOS goodies.

Among other interesting stuff, the presentation features some screenshots of my own applications [Slides 10 & 14] and of course screenshots of the Second Life Hebrew UI [Slides 11-13]. Please take the time to enlarge this presentation (Right click the presentation and select Zoom In, or use the built in zoom feature in your web browser).

UPDATE (April 13, 2008): Looking for Cheat Machine? Get it here.


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