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Free Google AdWords promotional code coupon

It’s Freebie Tuesday @ again, and I’m giving away five 200 NIS (that’s about 50 USD) worth Google AdWords coupons for free! All I ask in return is a link from your blog.

UPDATE (January 03, 2009): There are some new coupons here!

UPDATE (August 02, 2009): The coupon giveaway has ended. Thanks ya’ll!

To get your free promotional code Click Here and request a coupon – I will email it to you within 24h time!

[Hillel & Google] Relationship status: It's complicated.

You can use these coupons to start up your Google advertising campaign and to pay the Google AdWords registration fees (at least at where such fees apply). Please note that the promotional code is intended for NEW AdWords accounts only and needs to be applied when you create your account (or a short time afterwards).

How to get the free Google AdWords Coupun?

Step 1: Make sure that you’re new to Google AdWords, or that your account is only a few days old.

Step 2: Do at least one of the following: Put in your blogroll or link to this post from your blog and help me spread the word about the free coupons.

Step 3: Just ask for it!
I will send your promotional code ASAP (usually within less than 24h).

A note for Wiz clients & GetSocial users
If you’re an active Wiz client or if you’ve ever made a donation for GetSocial (prior to September 22, 2009) you are invited to contact me and receive your free coupon without the need to link here.

A blank Google AdWords coupon with YOUR name on it!

(Some of) the fine print:
1. You must be new to Google AdWords. This means that your account must be 14 days old or less (and that’s the 3rd time I’ve said that already!).

2. You must use the coupon you get. You can’t pass it to someone else, keep it unused, publish it online, etc.

3. After you’ve used up the coupon, you must manually stop your AdWords campaign if you wish to discontinue it.

At this point I would like to make it clear that I receive no profit out of these coupons or from Google. It’s a strictly humanitarian act :)


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