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Get social with GetSocial 1.04

a brand new GetSocial!

GetSocial 1.04 – new and improved :)

There is a new version of GetSocial, what are you waiting for? Go get it now!

What is GetSocial?
GetSocial is a slick application that will help you add Social Bookmarking buttons to your blog! It’s fast, reliable, user friendly and absolutely free! :)

What’s new in version 1.04?
Well, there are all sorts of neat stuff:

Yahoo Buzz: purchased and then scrapped , so a free spot became available in the GetSocial toolbar. It was rapidly occupied by a shiny new Yahoo Buzz button (via AddToAny).

3rd party functionality: GetSocial 1.04 can generate AddThis & AddToAny buttons in a snap! Also, ‘Email to a friend’ and ‘Press This’ buttons are now available (via AddToAny).

Try it:

Press This

Email to a friend

Technorati Fix: GetSocial 1.04 is fully adapted to the modifications that were implemented by the Technorati team.

Better SEO: GetSocial 1.04 marks all outgoing links as nofollow. It’s okay if you don’t know what I’m talking about :)

Optimization: Some tweaks and a smaller executable, as usual.

Where can I download GetSocial?
You can always find the latest version of GetSocial here.

How can I help?
Make a donation, give as much (or as little) as you want :)

Contributors of 25 USD or more will receive a 50 USD worth* promotional Google AdWords coupon code for free!

Download GetSocial


* The coupon code is only valid for new (less than 14 days old) Google AdWords accounts. The coupon marked value is 200 NIS, actual value in USD may vary. Available while supplies last.


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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: GetSocial 1.03 is here!

Oh boy, have I got some neat stuff for you today – GetSocial 1.03 is ready, and it’s jam-packed with new stuff, go get it now!

What is GetSocial?
GetSocial is a program I’ve made, that will generate social bookmarking toolbars for your blog or website within seconds! Because it makes pure HTML code without scripts, GetSocial is the ideal social bookmarking solution for bloggers. Oh, and it’s also absolutely free!

What’s better in GetSocial 1.03?

Add to Twitter
I’ve considered replacing the Ma.gnolia button with either Twitter or Yahoo! Buzz, but apparently there was nothing to consider: Twitter it is! I’ve decided to go with the following twitting format: “Title @ Permalink”.

Character limit handling
Twitter has a 140 characters limitation, so I’ve designed GetSocial to handle long inputs when necessary. Realizing that your link is the most important bit of information, the title will be automatically trimmed if the total length of the message is too long. If there’s only enough room for 5 characters of title or less, only the permalink will be sent to Twitter. Note that your permalinks will never be trimmed, even when the link itself is longer than 140 characters.

Inspired by the Twitter thingy, I’ve also added auto handling for Digg (which has a 60 characters limit for its title field).

Permalink verification & Automatic error correction
Okay, I’m officially sick and tired of this bug in where you get the permalink all messed up if you copy it from the edit window (the PLEW bug). The first thing I did with the new version of GetSocial was to add a permalink check feature. This (optional) feature pings your website while making the toolbar, and makes sure that the permalink you’ve entered actually exists.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to solve the permalink bug because generates error pages, so if you’ve got the domain name right, there is no (simple) way for the program to know that the post address is correct.

This is why I’ve also added a special algorithm that detects and autocorrects permalinks that are affected by the PLEW bug. This is a heuristic algorithm, but tests have shown very high (>95%) rates of success in detecting and repairing affected permalinks.

Support for CSS effects
If you’ve got the CSS upgrade from WordPress, you’re going to love this! With GetSocial 1.03 you can easily add special graphic effects to your GetSocial buttons, simply by pasting some CSS code to your blog.

For example (Internet Explorer only):

Add to FacebookAdd to DiggAdd to Del.icio.usAdd to StumbleuponAdd to RedditAdd to BlinklistAdd to TwitterAdd to TechnoratiAdd to FurlAdd to Newsvine
(Hover your mouse over this toolbar and see what happens)

CSS Code:

#primary .getsocial img {
#primary .getsocial a:hover img {

Add the above code to your blog’s CSS, and your GetSocial buttons will appear in B&W. When visitors to your blog will hover over them with the mouse – they will change to full color. There are tons of other effects you can make, but if you want to support browsers like Firefox you can only use alpha effects (you can find an example at the bottom of this post).

Text links
In additional to the regular buttons, GetSocial is now capable of producing a text-only version of the social bookmarking toolbar:

Facebook | Digg | | Stumbleupon | Reddit | Blinklist | Twitter | Technorati | Furl | Newsvine

Better support for Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome
Your toolbars will now have tooltips for Firefox/Chrome in addition to the previously available tooltips of Internet Explorer.

Code and image optimization
I’ve managed to remove a few extra bytes from the images GetSocial puts in your blog, and there are also 5 new mirrors for the images. Some tweaking I’ve done also slightly reduced the size of the GetSocial executable (so this time you’re actually getting more for less!)

As usual, I’ll be absolutely delighted if you’ll click either one of these buttons (preferably both!):

Download GetSocial



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Hillel’s Blogging Tips & Hacks

I've always wanted to make one of these!

If you’re here, then you’re probably searching for ways to make your blog better (and get some more traffic while you’re at it!). As you already know, the internet is packed with literally millions of blog posts about this subject – so in order to avoid wasting your time I’ll skip all the obvious and generalized advice that’s been copy-pasted around the blogosphere so many times already and focus only on the things I know from my own personal experience.

1. Place a PERMALINK in the bottom of every post

Okay, I’ll admit that this is a weird tip to start up my list, but I bet that it’s something you haven’t already read ten thousand times before. So why is it a good idea to place a permalink in the bottom of your post?

First let’s define ‘permalink’: a permalink is a static link that points to a specific post. The reason I use permalinks (which seems redundant at first, because the title of each post also serves as a permalink) is to protect my blog from content theft. There are many blogs out there that take your posts and republish them as their own (it’s called sploging). Why? So they could post a lot of new content in a very short time span and use it to promote their blogs in search engines (oh, and also monetize from advertisements and link exchange while they’re at it!).

If you have a permalink in your post, every time someone steals it you will be notified by a trackback/pingback. It may not prevent people from stealing your stuff but it will at least notify you when it happens. An additional benefit is the incoming links you’ll receive from your own permalink when your post is republished somewhere else. Such links will improve your page rank and in some cases will increase your Technorati authority as well. Sploging isn’t so bad afterall, isn’t it? :)

2. Make sure your blog is optimized for

First of all let’s make sure that we’re on the same wavelength here: different Google’s (,, etc.) will bring up different search results for the same search queries – I hope you already knew that, but even if you didn’t – you do now. No matter which country you live in, and what language you speak, it’s absolutely essential that you promote your blog/website on!

This includes monitoring your position in search results for your keywords, and also publishing your AdSense ads there (in addition to and your local Google).

The reason I’m saying this is not because I’m the co-founder of, it’s because of a rather unpredicted reason: Microsoft! When you select a search provider for the built in search box in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, the default Google search is not – it’s! This means that whoever uses IE7 as their web browser and selected Google as their search provider (but didn’t manually set it to is searching through!

This advice alone would probably cost you hundreds of dollars if you’ve gotten it from so called SEO “experts”, and here you are, getting it for free at, why not link here from your own blog and help spread the word?

3. Make sure you understand incoming links

I’ll do this one real quick: one of the most important things for any website or blog in terms of traffic and SEO is incoming links (links from other websites that points to your site). There are three things you must know about incoming links:

3.1 ‘nofollow’ links are links that might get traffic to your page (via people who click on them) but will not increase your page rank. This generally includes links in comments, forums and wiki pages. So there really is no really need to spam Wikipedia after all! :)

3.2 When you link to your website it’s best to use anchor words. For example, if you want your site to appear on search engines when someone searches “La Costa Lotta” – it will be best if you could get other websites to link this anchor term to you. For example, this link: read about La Costa Lotta is much better than this one: read about La Costa Lotta here.

3.3 Incoming links from other blogs can have different values for you. A blogroll link is the best because it appears on every page and regenerates itself every time a new post is published (important for your Technorati authority). Links from inside posts are good because they’re tracked by Technorati and others, and there is also a good chance people will see (and use) them when they read the post. Side bar links are good because they are always visible, however they don’t count on Technorati, and the chances of getting any click through traffic from them are slim. Last on my list are links from pages – which are nice to have but not very great.

4. Use GetSocial

GetSocial, that’s the only unoriginal advice here, but it works, and it’s my software – so what can I say? The way I see it, social bookmarking is a lot like playing the lottery – it wastes your time in most cases, but sometimes, rarely, you can hit the jackpot in terms of traffic, and I like those odds! According to my personal experience, StumbleUpon produces the most traffic, followed by but I guess it’s different from blog to blog. I’ve also noticed that when people write a description for the bookmark, it returns MUCH more traffic – so please: take the time to write a short description of this post when you bookmark it!


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GetSocial 1.01

GetSocial v1.01 (huh?) is now available! It’s exactly the same as good old version 1.00 except that the image border/padding issue that occurs in some themes is now resolved. Download GetSocial v1.01 now!

nice vs. very nice!

If for some reason you really need the first release (version 1.00), or any other future-old-release(tm) you can always get every version of GetSocial here.

UPDATE (June 23, 2008): GetSocial v1.02 is now available. Go get it!


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GetSocial – Social Bookmarking for

GetSocial is made especially for bloggers. It automatically generates a (specially designed) social bookmarking toolbar for each one of your posts. This is a 100% scriptless way to create social bookmarking links, which makes it a perfect solution for users. It is also based on a 3 step wizard interface which is very friendly and easy to use. Oh, and it’s 100% free!

Download GetSocial now:

Download GetSocial - it's free!

Great, but what is a Social Bookmarking toolbar anyway?
Well, here are some fine examples (made with GetSocial v1.00) – Try it!

Add to FacebookAdd to DiggAdd to Del.icio.usAdd to StumbleuponAdd to RedditAdd to BlinklistAdd to Ma.gnoliaAdd to TechnoratiAdd to FurlAdd to Newsvine

Add to FacebookAdd to NewsvineAdd to DiggAdd to Del.icio.usAdd to StumbleuponAdd to RedditAdd to BlinklistAdd to Ma.gnoliaAdd to TechnoratiAdd to Furl

Screenshot of GetSocial v1.00

GetSocial v1.00 screenshot

How does it work?
After you download GetSocial (which is 100% Virus/Adware/Whatever free!), Extract and run GetSocial.exe (No Installation is needed, but you will need to have Microsoft .net framework 2.0 installed: nothing a quick visit to Windows Update won’t solve).

You can then select between adding Social Bookmarks to a post or an button to your blog (more on that later). You will need to enter a permalink to your post (which is the web address of your post) and the title of your post.

Click next and select your preferred type of Social Networking toolbar design (there are four of them!), after you get your code, paste it to your post (while in HTML Edit mode) and that’s it! Sounds difficult? Try it, and see for yourself just how easy it is! :)

UPDATE (July 23, 2008): Teck, from the Teck~Line blog, wrote a post about how to use GetSocial here.

UPDATE (August 24, 2008): Lee Aase, from Social Media University Global (SMUG), made a YouTube movie about using GetSocialwatch it!

Free software?
GetSocial is a donationware, which means you can use (and share) it for free for as long as you like (you can’t sell it or tell people you’ve made it yourself though). It is neither limited nor crippled in any way. If you use/like it, consider donating 5.00 USD (you can do it!) to the author of the software (that’s me!) Thanks :)

Make a donation with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure.

What did you say about earlier?
GetSocial lets you create an button for your blog as a whole. It is a little known fact, but when you put an button in your blog’s sidebar (even if you selected ‘WordPress’ when you generated the code on their website) your button will not link to your blog, instead it will link to the website! This is due to scripting limitations on that removes important parts of the script. I have found this error on every single button I’ve seen on so far!

UPDATE (May 19, 2008): Netty Gritty wrote a good article about the problem here.

How to check if my button links to my blog?
It’s very simple really: click it, and on the Bookmark & Share page click on ‘Favorites’ (See photo). This will add a website to your browsers favorites – if it’s your blog then everything is okay, but if it adds then everyone who ever used it promoted, and not your blog!

Does your button really bookmarks your blog?

The good news: GetSocial can fix this for you in no time :)

What else?
Enjoy GetSocial!

Oh, and one more thing, GetSocial is not affiliated in any way with, or any of the Social Bookmarking providers.

Download here.

UPDATE (June 02, 2008): I’ve received some requests regarding a spacing/border issue in some themes. A new version, GetSocial 1.01, resolves these issues. Every download link in this post has been set to point to the most recent version of GetSocial. Scope this.

UPDATE (October 21, 2009): There is a new cross-platform on-line version of GetSocial. No download is needed, and it will work with every OS (Yes, it will work on a Mac). It’s called GetSocial Live, and it’s fast, easy to use and free! GetSocial Live is always up to date and currently features the latest Twitter and Yahoo Buzz buttons, read all about it here.


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