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Final project presentation for the Higher Education Evaluation Committee

I was asked by the head of the mechanical engineering department at AFEKA ACE to present my final project in front of the Israel council for higher education evaluation committee. This is a part of a nationwide comparative evaluation process. The committee was assembled of engineering professors from Israel and the US. It went great!

Right side of the AFEKA ACE Fab@Home Model1

Before my presentation I’ve attended a student meeting with the committee. Most of the students stated that they prefer to work in so called “High-Tech” companies rather than to practice classic mechanical engineering (because it pays better). Some students even claimed that they are putting effort into taking as much software related courses as possible. After realizing that this is the consensus trend, The American committee members were quite shocked and asked: “So who does the mechanical engineering in this country? Who builds the railroads? Who builds the power plants?”

To this I’ve suggested: the British?

UPDATE (September 08, 2008): The project has successfully ended, watch the final project presentation here.


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Taken with FLIR Systems InfraCAM SD

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