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I’ve posted this exactly 3 years ago on my journal at shox:

Hillel's journal - fucking interesting stuff!

The title says “Untouched (by me)”, and the caption says “Just for your knowledge, that’s what the view from my house looks like *at this very moment*”.

Tags: Hillel, Sunset, Fuck Photoshop, Chris Isaak, There goes the first day of the rest of my life

Back then they had a good feature in shox, where you could play with the order of the tags in your posts (on most platforms tags are automatically sorted). This was a nice feature to have because it gave bloggers an additional degree of editorial freedom, ordered tags could be used to make mini statements (or write Haikus!).

Come to think about it, this is technically the first in the view from the afternoon series. On a later shox post I have also successfully predicted the coming of the year 2010. Any minute now I guess…

Also, in an unrelated note, art lovers (& also those who dislike art very much) are hereby personally invited to check out a few decades worth of stunningly beautiful paintings made by Hadasa Stoler (that’s my mom!): Body Colour – The Work of Hadasa Stoler.

Happy New Year!
Kiss Kiss 2009


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Taken with FLIR Systems InfraCAM SD

Chillin' @ Heat Transfer Lab
(May 2007)


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