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GetSocial Live Status Updates @ Twitter

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GetSocial Live users might have noticed some new updates recently (better tooltips, interactive previews). Since it’s much easier to update a website than it is to update an application, GSL users can expect a much more rapid rate of new developments! So if you think of some new features you’d like to see in GSL, do tell :)

Some updates (on the domain side) require scheduled downtime, and that’s why I’ve recently created this Twitter account as an independent source for updates about GSL upgrades, new versions and maintenance downtime. Needless to say, it’s a 100% spam free twitter account – so go ahead, start following GetSocial Live now!

If we’re already talking about downtime, some of you may have noticed that GetSocial Live was unavailable at times during the last few weeks. The reason for this, is that GetSocial Live was hosted (for free) on Google Pages. When the service suddenly shut down, GetSocial Live became unavailable. Migrating to Google Sites (the successor of Google Pages) was impractical because you can’t run HTML files directly from Google Sites, and that’s why GSL went down. Currently, GSL is temporarily hosted on a paid host, but will soon migrate to a permanent location (still paid though). I apologize in advance for any resulting downtime, and will try to provide alternative links via the GSL Twitter as needed.


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Blogroll SEO @ is the best place to find screenshots of your favorite websites – crash and burn! You are invited to look around, leave comments or submit your own screenshots of websites gone wild.. :) That said, Downtime Blog is also a great place to promote your website! - Websites gone wild!

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Blogroll SEO is a simple way to monetize from a blog without using ads. However, I would like to emphasize that this is an experiment and not a “business model”. In the past 6 Months I’ve been exploring different aspects of donationware as part of a research I’m conducting. If you want to try the Blogroll SEO concept yourself, feel free to do so! You are allowed to use the model and the Blogroll SEO logo to encourage donations to your website, but you are requested to give credit and/or link back to this post.

UPDATE (November 30, 2008): Please note that Blogroll SEO is nothing more than a fancy list of contributors to Downtime Blog, spam related entries and shady websites about penis enlargement pills and so forth will not be added to the blogroll! Check out the terms of service.


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Taken with FLIR Systems InfraCAM SD

Chillin' @ Heat Transfer Lab
(May 2007)


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